Tips In Choosing A Brand Name

Picking a brand name is no easy task. When you are starting a business this is the first thing that you have to come up with along with your product or service. Many people would love to know tips on the best brand name to choose.

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The basic idea in forming a memorable brand name is to keep it short, simple, unique, and easy to pronounce. Here are some tips from expert Adam Lang of Rewind & Capture, that you can apply in the search for your perfect brand name.

Crowdsource your brand name
If you have hit a wall in coming up with a brand name, why not launch a naming contest, which is a great and affordable way to not only engage with potential customers but come up with a name that your market likes.

There are crowdsourcing platforms that you can try out for your naming contest like Ink and Key, Crowdspring, NamingForce and SquadHelp.

Make sure to give details on how you would want your name to come out, be involved with the search process. You can share a little about what your purpose is and how you plan to achieve it through your product or service. Be specific about what keywords you want to avoid and the types of names you would be interested in like funny, compound, misspelled or blended. Clarify your target audience so that the naming can be narrowed down and make it easier.

Once the project starts you will be part of a collaboration tool like Slack and creative professionals will start engaging with you. They will introduce themselves and ask questions about your project. You just have to wait a few hours and names will start coming in.

Prepare to spend from $200 to $500. Read reviews about the platform that you are considering before you pay for their services. There are platforms that may be run by “bots” and may give you the feeling that you are not engaging with real human beings on the chat platform.

Domain Name Limitations
The ideal scenario would be to have your brand name match your domain name. The problem is you are not sure if the domain name will be available so you limit yourself to what can be registered as a .com domain. Stats from the WhoAPI show that all the 4 letter .com domains are already taken, even words that are made up. This means that all possible letter combinations from to are no longer available to buy. The same research was done and 2 to 3 letter words are no longer available as well.

No need to worry because many successful startups who had domain name problems just tweaked their domain name to match their brand name and the problem is solved.

Make Sure Siri And Alexa Can Spell It
Experts expect the trend in voice searches to start rising. We now have better technology when it comes to voice recognition and translation. The problem is robots can misspell words. A good tip would be to purchase the misspelled .com extension and redirect it to your actual domain.

Having a great name can give a first impression that can open doors for your business, on the other hand, a bad name can close doors. Choosing the best is quite a challenge, in the United States the trademark law protects business names and there are more than 24 million businesses in America. Once you have chosen a brand name, make sure that you don’t infringe on a copyright because you may lose your new business name in the process.

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