SEO Changes In 2013

A lot of SEO related news came out from Google last 2013. We take a look at these changes as part of the Google SEO guide for 2013. This is crucial to know for SEO experts since some SEO strategies that have worked before the 2013 changes may not work anymore going forward.

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A lot of experts remember the changes that took place in 2013. Some say that it was the year that SEO was changed forever. We take a look back and see what those changes were and how it will affect the way we do SEO.


Panda And Penguin Updates

Panda is Google’s way of addressing spam content, there were at least 2 updates tracked in 2013, Panda Update 24 was confirmed and announced last Jan. 22, 2013. Panda Update 25 however, was confirmed as coming out, but there was no confirmation that it did happen. May 2013 had Google announcing that the Panda Dance monthly updates were going to happen over a 10 day period.   


Penguin updates penalize linking schemes which now include more types of links. Google wants links and content to have more value other than to get higher rankings.


This will benefit those looking for quality information, spam content is filtered out which is the result of the Panda updates.

This is also good for SEO experts who focus on white hat strategies and quality content. The time has come for their websites to rank higher in search results.


Hummingbird Updates

2013 was the year a new Google algorithm was launched that was going to have an impact on 90% of searches globally. This was known as the Hummingbird.


This made a lot of online marketers nervous, but Google was quick to calm down the tension because they revealed that Hummingbird was already up and running a month before it was announced and nobody even noticed it’s effects.


This new algorithm helps the Google search engine do a better job with improving its semantic search. Conversational queries are becoming the norm, Hummingbird dials in on the intent and context of terms used in searches.


Longer-tail searches can now be answered by Google even if the page is not optimized for them. Experts say that there is nothing SEO experts need to do differently with Hummingbird, high-quality content is still key in search rankings.


Page Centric Search

One of the biggest changes in the SEO landscape was Google’s to 100% secure search. This means that all search activity will now be encrypted. This aims to provide added protection for users and it may be an attempt to block NSA spying activities. Click on ads and ad search traffic are the exception to this new directive.


The Rise Of Mobile Users

More than half of US internet users are using their mobile devices to browse the internet. It is projected for mobile traffic growth to leapfrog desktop traffic. As part of SEO tactics, websites that are mobile-friendly will get higher rankings on Google. This would make searches easier for people no matter what device they are using. Mobile searches offer speed and convenience over the desktop counterpart.


SEO needs to shift to the potential demand these mobile users have in the marketplace. Websites should be optimized for mobile and content should be as well. Shorter and straight to the point content is what mobile users are after and sites that can deliver these up front will win the rankings battle versus the competition. More transactions are also expected to be done through mobile devices, so there should be links to shopping carts or the website should be able to handle mobile transactions outright.

Social Media Platforms Matter

The year 2013 started off with the launch of the Facebook Graph Search. This gives personalized results based on social media connections, it combines social, local and business information into search results. Social media is now a part of SEO, and it is expected to have an influence in search rankings. It has been shown that more Twitter engagements can result in higher rankings, same with optimized Google plus profiles and pages.


There were a lot of huge changes that happened 5 years ago, and it was nice to look back on our Google SEO guide for 2013.

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