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Leverage Marketing says any good digital marketing strategy should do its best to have both SEO and social media working together. There are five ways social media can improve an SEO action. First social media enhances content promotion. Second, the media encourages more engagement. Third, social sharing can lead to link building. Fourth, as a result of sharing increased brand awareness improves SEO rankings. Fifth, Google’s partnership with Twitter can promote brand awareness, authority, and lead to expanded link building with other sites.

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Digital marketing and online marketing are two sides of the same marketing strategy. A digital marketer can post a press release story in an industry classification that fits into an SEO keyword search. The marketing strategist creates a multimedia package corresponding to the printed word.

The business owner or product searches for an appropriate online service provider responsible for disseminating the packaged content to a vast network of influencers to maximize the client website’s visibility. The process includes releasing the press release to highly-rated news and public relations outlets to make the client’s business organization easy to find on the web.

Leveraging the use of multimedia content describing the product or business enhances digital marketing. The package for distribution to an extensive network should include an image or digital photo, audio and video, aside from the press release in print form. A business organization that chooses the Associated Press has the gambit advantage of sending content to 65,000 users in more than 60 countries, through 900 newsrooms using 130 plus compatible technologies.

Another marketing strategy is affiliate marketing, which creates a multiplier effect of selling a product through a marketing network. The affiliate marketer sells a product for others. As a merchant or product owner, you can invite affiliate marketers to join your campaign and offer an attractive commission package. Your affiliate marketers can promote your product and website online and in live events. By introducing your product to a secure affiliate marketing network, you can have a force of marketing agents working for you.

The next is an SEO-type of marketing called social brand awareness. For millions of people, social media interactions have become a way of life, and that means social interactions have become inevitable for social and digital marketers. The playing field for SEO practice and applications to a variety of business and marketing problems and situations is getting large.

Producing great keyword-optimized multimedia content and promoting it through social media platforms encourages engagement and drives traffic back to your site. Converting organic content into social media content increases engagement and boosts your SEO. While it is still far from a Google ranking signal, social engagement improves online reputation, makes connections and generate leads for business.

A Google algorithm looks at whether users are engaged or not. If more people are involved with specific content, it’s a clear sign that the algorithm is showing the right content and will find it interesting and can become a candidate for ranking. Leverage Marketing’s Levi Flint says any good digital marketing strategy should do its best to have both SEO and social media working together.

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