How To Lose Weight For Pregnancy

For women who want to get pregnant, you can improve the chances of conceiving by losing the extra weight. Shedding the extra pounds can also keep you healthy and active even when you become a mom.

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These steps will help you lose weight for pregnancy:

Pick Your Weight Goal
The best way to know your weight goal is to know your BMI or body mass index. This will show you what your ideal weight is for your age and height.

This will determine how long it will take before you reach your ideal weight. The safest way is losing 2 pounds a week. You should not only lose weight but keep it from coming back.

Stop Your Diet
If you want to lose weight for pregnancy, you need to stop specific crash diets. Some diets are imbalanced which are not suitable for you. You need to choose foods that are supportive of fertility and pregnancy.

Count Your Calories
If you are conscious about your weight, you should know how many calories you are taking in. Knowing your calorie count will help you determine how much you need to subtract for your weight loss goals.

Losing weight means you need to decrease the calories you are eating. Replacing foods is one of the best ways to do this. You can start by subtracting 1,000 calories from your current intake. For example, you are eating 3,000 calories a day; your goal should be 2,000 calories a day. This will help you lose 2 pounds a week.

Increase Work Outs
If you are having a hard time subtracting calories from food intake, you can exercise to burn them away. Burning 500 calories through exercise and 500 calories from food subtraction will give you the same results.

The ideal plan is to exercise at least 1 hour a day. If you are busy and your schedule does not permit you to spend an hour a day straight, you can break up the time. Spending 30 minutes working out in the morning then another 30 minutes when you get home will give the same results.

If you are a newbie in working out, you need to start out slowly. Your body will be sore after the first few workouts which is why people often stop. You can start with 20 minutes a day and build up from there instead of killing yourself with an hour of exercise off the bat.

Take Prenatal Vitamins
Before getting pregnant is the best time to take folic acid that your body needs in the first weeks after conception. Prenatal vitamins provide the support for a mom to be.

It would be ideal to add supplements with your prenatal vitamins. Green tea is a fat burner that can increase your metabolism and give added nutrition as well.

Join Support Groups
A proven way to help lose weight and keep it off is the buddy system. Those who have partners lose weight faster and are successful in keeping the weight off than those who go at it alone.

You can pick a friend or a weight loss support group who can keep you accountable. Choose someone who will push you to reach your goals. If your buddy is not as focused and committed to your weight loss goals, then there is a huge chance that both of you will not attain it.

Choose Your Doctor
A family doctor or an OB/GYN may help you lose the weight before you get pregnant. They may prescribe a diet or prescribe an appetite suppressant. Take note that medications need to be stopped before trying to get pregnant.

See A Nutritionist
Getting advise from a nutritionist will help you understand the role of food in your life. Food provides energy and is not a reward for doing good. Many people eat more than they should because they love the taste. This learned behavior can be modified and changed.

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