Press releases are standard ways of informing people, corporations, even governments about specific issues, events, innovations, new ways of living and coping, and many other things through telling news or feature story. A press release writer must also be a good storyteller.

Feature writers who write for large magazines can be tapped to write feature press releases. Most writers research the topics that they write, and study takes time, especially if research is done outside the office, in the field where one needs to meet and talk to some people depending on the topic that he or she is writing.

A press release that based on research material combined with excellent writing can provide benefits to the target readers or sector(s) targeted by the press release.

However, without a reliable distribution system, the benefits of press release distribution may not be reached. Telling your story needs a distribution system to generate high-impact publicity. The story could be in the form of electronic message transfer, the most commonly used that allows efficient press release distribution between the users of networks, and is inclusive of the use of voice mail, internet mail and multimedia internet mail.

The second benefit is the boost in visibility for a client’s product, service, or company as a result of efficient press release distribution. If your business or corporation is still new, the best way to increase your chances of success is to create stories that will attract people to your business, site or place and eventually buy your product or service. Modern-day visibility is done through a reliable and technology-based distribution.

An effective PR distribution system can establish you or your company as an industry expert. A good story written by a seasoned writer and well shared to specific audiences on the web can tailor your image to the particular goal that you want. If your product, service or company is new in the market, you will need to get the trust of the public and one of the ways to get this is by sharing a good story about yourself, your product or company.

In the same way, as the experts say, your press release can spread far and wide. How wide and how far depends on the news or public relations agency that you have utilized. There are also numerous private websites and agencies that serve different types of clientele with different needs. In the case of Associated Press, when a business or organization use the AP ENPS, the press release can be sent to 65,000 users in more than 60 countries, through 900 newsrooms using 130 plus compatible technologies.

Distributed through online, your press release can attract an audience to buy your service or product. Your PR can generate a following and get more customers in the long run. All you need to do is to tailor your PR stories to the needs of your customers or a specific target audience depending on the service or product you are selling.

A press release that is well distributed can attract future business partners whether these partners come from small business groups, large corporations or even governments. Any sector who can get the attention of your PR could be a potential investor or business partner.